About Us


National-Spencer and the ZeeLine brand have been around since 1947. We’re an American owned and operated company with over seventy years of history. In that time, our identity as a business, or the concept of who we are, has changed. Today, we are an employee owned company specializing in lubrication and fluid management equipment.

We offer quality products, at a reasonable price, and our primary focus is the customer experience. It is our goal to provide unrivaled customer service. But what does that mean? It means, when you call our office a person will answer the phone, not an automated system. It means lightning fast shipping on every order and standing behind our products with industry leading warranties. Most importantly, it means growing our business in a responsible way; one that sustains and strengthens our customer base.

The Maximum Response Team

In a world where anyone can buy anything with just a few clicks, and consumer prices are driven by the online marketplace; many companies start to look the same. We have chosen to distinguish ourselves by delivering the “Maximum Response.” This is a pledge to our customers: we promise to deliver the highest level of service to each customer, every time they choose to do business with us. That means providing live, personal customer service and lightning fast shipping. Let us serve you with our Maximum Response and experience the difference for yourself.

Our Leadership

Sam Goode
Sam Goode Chairman / CEO
Rick England
Rick England President
Amy 18 2
Amy Osburn Vice President of Operations
Russell 18 2
Russell Spurgeon Customer Service Manager
Anne Hansen Plant Manager
Jana Nicholson
Jana Nicholson Accounting Manager
Kirk Lies
Kirk Lies National Sales Manager
Kelly Eisenman Director of Sales and Marketing
Andrew 18 2
Andrew Herd Customer Service
Gabby 18 2
Gabby Diffenbaugh Customer Service
Hannah 18 2
Hannah Coffey Customer Service